Friday, 27 January 2012

Do you like my Photography? :)

Hi There,
Just wanted to tell you all that i have a photography page up on facebook! If you're bored and looking for things to check out, go have a look! The photos that i recently took were photos of a close friend of mine, shes absolutely gorgeous isn't she? 

Have a looky look:  HERE

Do you recognize the Burberry trench she's wearing? I've featured it in this post as well as this post! :)
Well then, enough talking from me, Here are some of my personal favourites ;)


hope you enjoyed my photos!
I really want to keep on practicing, all i need are some willing models ;)

If you have time, Please support me HERE! :)



  1. you look great girl ^^

  2. hey meowsypants,
    your blog is kind of loverly jubberly.
    I enjoy your photos uh-lot!

    ex oh ex oh

  3. Your blog is so attractive and unique. I always appreciate novel ideas as you have projected in your blog. Count me as a new follower.

  4. Amazing Clicks...Thanx for your lovely comment

    Thanx for following...Following back :)...However I am unable to see you under my GFC list :(


  5. Hey! Great blog&amazing style!
    Come and visit my blog if you want I'm following u now!

  6. What a cute photos. Surely your going to be a great photographer.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!


Thank you so much for your comments! I read & love every single one, it's so very sweet of you all! xx

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